Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Why Broom and Gride™?
My partner and I started this business shortly after getting married. We couldn't relate to the terms "bride" or "groom" so we created our own. We know several of you can relate!

How do I know who the "Broom" is or who the "Gride' is?
This is the can mix and match however you want. We wanted to come up for something that is gender neutral because everyone does not fit in a neat little box.

Where should we wear these shirts?
Where ever you want!! We wore ours to our bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, our reception, to pride events, and pretty much everywhere else. Others have told us that they have bought them for engagement gifts for their friends who are getting married, bachelorette or bachelor presents, shower gifts, or because they are just very excited their sons or daughters got married

Where can I buy these shirts?
Visit our website

Do you have any other products?
We have a lot of ideas in the works and some will be out sooner then others. If you want to be updated as soon as something new is out please sign up for our newsletter.
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Can we find you at festivals and other pride events?
Yes, we were at Monterrey Pride this year, SF Pride(although we did not have a booth) and plan on doing some more local events. We will keep you posted and please keep us posted of events you think we should be at. We are located in the Bay Area. We have also done radio interviews, and are looking for other radio stations, magazines, tv shows that are interested in us. Please contact us at